Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis

AIM Giglink is pleased to offer one of our newer service categories: Spend Analysis.

AIM Giglink’s base of specialized service providers covers hundreds of vendor categories and thousands of project types. These specialized providers have grown familiar with the Service Level Agreements, pricing, support contacts, technological capability, terms and general customer support of the vendors in their respective coverage areas. Our experts will audit your current or potential spend and requirements in a service area, compare that spend, and help you negotiate the right price with the right vendor.

AIM Giglink’s spend analysis experts can help ensure you are receiving the best possible pricing and terms from your vendors. Currently AIM Giglink offers spend analysis and vendor selection services in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Applications by type and vendor
  • UPS and FedEx rates
  • Mobile contracts
  • Bandwidth / MPLS / Voice
  • Colocation / Datacenter
  • Cloud spend

AIM Giglink’s Spend Analysis services bring tremendous value. Try a project and see for yourself.

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